Speak Less And Listen More

We have already heard this that one should think before saying anything. But in making real estate deals, one should not only think but also listen to the other party. What they say is literally more important than what we say. It is natural to want to make a point during a conversation, especially in making a deal. But listening is far more valuable and important skill when it comes to real estate deals. Listening helps in a lot of things. It also makes the other one feel important and they also respond positively to the what we say. It also enables us to understand the situation deeply and come up with a more convincing solution.

Improving listening skills

There are several ways to improve listening skills. Active listening is one of the ways. One makes a conscious effort to only listen and not say anything in response. Paying attention to the speaker very carefully. The listener must refrain from getting distracted by any thoughts. After hearing if the listener remembers small details and repeats them in the conversation, it creates a very positive effect on the other person.

What they say is more Important

During negotiation of real estate properties, what the other party says is more important that what you want to say. It is better to listen to them and hear all they want to say, before making a comment. By listening to them one can make out all aspects of their side of the negotiations. By knowing their intentions, one can come with proper counter statements. Saying less than necessary creates a sense of meaning and power. It also prevents getting into a situation in which one might say something foolish and is trapped in his own words.

Real estate negotiations

During real negotiations, one should remember that talking less and keeping things with you an edge to build trust and repo. On the other hand, talking a lot can easily give away weak points to the other party that can affect the negotiation negatively. Sometimes important and big deals are gained just based on the right type of negotiation and simple deals are lost due to poor negotiation. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and an unwise negotiation to lose it forever. Talking less in negotiations is more gain than loss.

Negotiations involve

Real estate negotiations involve accepting the terms, rejecting them making a counter offer. Accepting and rejecting end the conversation but the real fun begins when their come a counter offer.  All the negotiation skills one bears are tested in such a situation. There is a difference between persuasion and manipulation. It may sound like an effective, but manipulation is for a short time. The person goes dark for a short time but then realizes the type of negotiation done. It is better to persuade someone than to manipulate. It creates a negative impact on the deal being made. It is imperative to have the courage to say no in negotiations. Negotiations should have a few “Yes” and more silence and “No”.

Walk away if necessary

It not necessary to keep a useless conversation going on and on. Its okay to walk away from a negotiation if it doesn’t suit you. One should remain true to the core beliefs and does not have to get into situation where there’s no way out.

Best deals

Best deals are the ones in which both parties leave satisfied. One should be able to create a win-win situation so that no one thinks that the deal wasn’t for them.


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